Photo by Janne-Jukka Huopaniemi

Otso Huopaniemi 


Friday, October 14
6:00pm-6:00pm | Segal Center

love.abz takes as its starting point an unperformed play, written in Finnish. The scenes of the play are treated as material in a process of transmogrification that often violates notions of authorial ownership, not to mention grammar. Engaged in other textual games too, love.abz invites its viewers to consider new forms of co-authorial playwriting.

Artists Involved
Written by Otso Huopaniemi; Performed by Emily Gleeson, Federico Rodriguez, and Eeva Semerdjiev; Dramaturgy by Hannah Hessel

Photo by Otso Huopaniemi

Lead Artist
Otso Huopaniemi divides his time between Helsinki and New York. He works on collaborative processes in various capacities, writing, preparing, and performing. Currently he is pursuing an artistic research project at Theatre Academy Helsinki, involving the relationship of text and performance. Charles Mee, Sheila Callaghan and Bill Worthen are among the people that he has been fortunate to learn from and converse with.